An Unwilling Participant

Not exactly what I was expecting when I signed up...

Some things with unwilling participants

  • Politics
  • Divorce
  • Fame
  • An ice storm
  • Global warming
  • Celiac disease
  • Breast cancer
  • FOCA
  • Abortion
  • Rape
  • Celibacy
  • Court
  • Jail
  • Getting old
  • Depression
  • Airport security
  • Sporting events
  • Family drama
  • Meetings
  • Fads
  • Fashion
  • On-line dating
  • Drinking
  • Fitness
  • Technology


When you asked I said, "No, thanks."
Then you showed up with your tanks.
I really meant, "Hell no!"
Yet somehow it's still a go...
An unwilling participant.

Closing Jingle

Unwilling -- and in up to my neck.


An epiphany

As I was cutting up the downed branches in my front yard after the latest ice storm, this victim emerged from the remains urging me to stop -- at least signalling her unwilling participation in the whole thing.

Many things we are involved with are not done willingly. I don't want to get involved in politics or become famous. But I might have to because the alternative may be worse. Let's find out.

And it was after procuring this web address that it occurred to me that it could just as well be "A nun - Willing participant". I'm willing to use that to my advantage.

***** RhineDawg, Groundhog Day, 2009 *****